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The initiation of JDVI (Journal of General - Procedural Dermatology & Venereology Indonesia) was done by leading dermatologists and venereologists from Indonesia who aspired to contribute in the field of scientific publication and research. Knowledge and science continue to evolve in the field of dermatology and venereology, especially with new diagnostic methods, therapeutic and procedural approaches, and new diseases emerging.


This journal is an official publication and is owned by the Dermatology and Venereology Department, Universitas Indonesia,  supported by the Indonesian Society of Dermatology and Venereology (PERDOSKI). Universitas Indonesia is one of the oldest and largest universities in Indonesia and PERDOSKI currently consists of more than 1000 dermatologists and venereologists as committed members in Indonesia.


This is a free access journal and there will be no printed material. The first online publication was published online in August 2015, with 3 publications per year. We only publish scholarly peer reviewed material with high quality and meet the criterias of a good evidenced based research. We accept scholarly materials such as case reports, studies, letters, and reviews from all around the world which has scientific value to all dermatologists and venereologists. Sources of funds are available from the sponsors and authors.

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The JDVI ( Journals of General Procedural Dermatology and Venereology Indonesia)  recognizes research contributions and expertise contribution to the dermatology and venereology academics.

Now, JDVI seeks nominations for the 2017 Call For Paper JDVI Awards.This award is given to one individual or one group who has made contributions to the field of dermatology and venereology.

>> Submission deadline  is July 31, 2017.

>> All nominations must be submitted electronically in pdf or word file to jgenprodvi@ui.ac.id 

with  subject title : “ 2017 Call for Paper JDVI Award_type of article(Original article/CaseReport/Article review)_author name_country"

>> All paper submitted should be written in English and has never been published in other academic journals.  Instruction for authors can be found on the JDVI webpage (http://jgenprodvi.ui.ac.id/index.php/jdvi/index).

>> Note that all paper submitted will be checked for originality using plagiarism checker tools.

>> paper with international authors or co-authors will be given priority for winning the award

>> Winners will be announced on August 31, 2017

There will be three winners for the "2017 Call For Paper JDVI Award"

-    One winner for original/ research article will receive 250 USD

-    One winner for article review will receive 150 USD

-    One winner for case report article will receive 100 USD

and winning papers will be published electronically in JDVI Vol.2 Ed.3, Vol.3 Ed.1, and Vol.3 Ed.2.

>> And also as a reward, other good quality papers submitted for this award will be published in JDVI  following editions free of charge.



Articles in Press

Allergic contact dermatitis due to nickel in household detergent
Dewi Utami Putri

Challenge in Diagnosis and Management of Lentigo Maligna and Lentigo Maligna Melanoma
Ika Anggraini

Combination of oral terbinafine pulse and topical ciclopirox olamine 8% effectiveness compared to monotherapy of oral terbinafine pulse for the treatment of onychomycosis
Marsha Bianti

Hypertrophic type actinic keratoses: A case report
Febrina Tritama Kurniasih

Oral vitamin D benefits in Dermatology
Astri Adelia

Pattern of pigmentation disorder in cosmetic division dermatovenereology polyclinic H. Adam Malik General Hospital Medan 2012 – 2015
Nelva Karmila Jusuf

Segmental zoster paresis
Nahla Shihab

Seropositivity and sexual behaviour factors for syphilis and herpes virus type 2 infection (a cross-sectional study among men who have sex with men in Manado, Indonesia)
Nurdjannah Jane Niode

Severe Kerion Celsi Effectively Treated with Surgical Debridement and Antifungals

The comparison effect of adipose-derived stem cells and their secretomes for aging skin (Pre-eliminary Study)
Erlina Pricilla

The effectiveness of laser therapy in onychomycosis patients evidence-based case report
Rizky Lendl Prayogo


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